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Chicago Marathon neighborhood info and road closures Niko Apostal 10/05/15


This Sunday is the 38th Chicago Marathon, which brings over 40,000 runners and countless spectators to the city, and passes through 29 Chicago neighborhoods. In fact, you may have seen the distinctive blue dotted line painted on city streets this week — that line marks the official runner’s route. So if you see that blue line in your neighborhood, be aware: there will likely be road closures and public transportation interruption in your life this weekend.

The full list of street closures is below.

2015 marathon street closures

Because of the street closures, the CTA is anticipating several bus re-routes. These include the following buses:

#3 King Drive                                       #56 Milwaukee
#4 Cottage Grove                                 #60 Blue Island/26th
#6 Jackson Park Express                   #62 Archer
#8 Halsted                                             #65 Grand
#9 Ashland                                            #66 Chicago
#10 Museum of Science & Industry #70 Division
#12 Roosevelt                                         #72 North
#J14 Jeffery Jump                                #73 Armitage
#18 16th/18th                                        #74 Fullerton
#20 Madison                                         #76 Diversey
#21 Cermak                                           #77 Belmont
#22 Clark                                               #124 Navy Pier
#R22 Cermak-Roosevelt Express      #126 Jackson
#29 State                                                #146 Inner Drive/Michigan Express
#35 31st/35th                                         #147 Outer Drive Express
#36 Broadway                                       #151 Sheridan
#44 Wallace/Racine                             #152 Addison
#50 Damen

For a map of the re-routes on the day of the marathon, use this link.

WGN News has a full list of viewing stations and ways to get there via CTA for those who are interested in spectating the event. They are:

  • First Viewing Area – Grand (Red Line) Station – Miles #1, #3 and #12. Board a Red Line train and exit at Grand Avenue.
  • Second Viewing Area – Monroe (Red Line) Station –Mile #2. Board a Red Line train and exit at Monroe. Walk two blocks south to Jackson/State.
  • Third Viewing Area – Chicago (Red Line) Station – Miles #3.5 and #11.5. Board a Red Line train and exit at Chicago. Walk three blocks west to LaSalle Street.
  • Fourth Viewing Area – Addison (Red Line) Station – Mile #7.75. Board a Red Line train and exit at Addison. Walk four blocks east to Broadway.
  • Fifth Viewing Area – Sedgwick (Brown Line) Station – Mile #10.25. Board a Brown Line train and exit at Sedgwick Street. Walk a half-block north to North Avenue.
  • Sixth Viewing Area – UIC-Halsted (Blue Line) Station – Miles #16 and #16.5. Board a Blue Line train and exit at UIC-Halsted. Use the accessible Halsted Street exit or the auxiliary Peoria Street exit. Walk two blocks north on Peoria Street to Jackson Street to view runners at Mile #16 in Greektown or use the accessible Halsted exit to view runners at Mile #16.5.
    NOTE: the Morgan Street exit is temporarily closed due to demolition of the bridge over the expressway.
  • Seventh Viewing Area – 18th (Pink Line) Station – Mile #19. Board a Pink Line train and exit at 18th Street. Walk one block east to Ashland.
  • Eighth Viewing Area – Halsted (Orange Line) Station – Mile #20.5. Board an Orange Line train and exit at Halsted.
  • Ninth Viewing Area – 35th-Bronzeville-IIT (Red/Green Line) Station – Mile #23. Board a Red/Green Line train and exit at 35th-Bronzeville-IIT. Use either the 34th Street or 35th Street exit.
  • Tenth Viewing Area – Roosevelt (Red/Green/Orange Lines) Station – Finish Line. Board a Red, Green or Orange line train and exit at Roosevelt. Walk east on Roosevelt Road toward the Museum Campus/Grant Park. Additional service will be provided on the #R22 Cermak-Roosevelt Express Shuttle for the duration of the race. This shuttle operates between the temporarily closed Cermak-Chinatown Red Line station and the Roosevelt Red/Orange/Green transfer station.

For more information on the Chicago Marathon, visit this link.

*Photo courtesy of Flickr user Scott Rettberg.

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