Apostal Group

Abigail Sorenson

Abigail Sorenson met Niko when they were neighbors in River North. After coming to a few open houses, she got the bug to be a real estate investor. We got her to share her story with us.

AG: Tell us about your neighborhood.

AS: : I live with my partner in Logan Square — he and I bought the property 2.5 years ago and we really love the neighborhood. We like Chicago because of the diversity and we love Logan Square because it’s young, and it has a fresh idea about community. There’s a lot of people who don’t drive in our neighborhood. We’re close to public transportation. It’s just a really fun and very energetic place to be in the city right now.

AG: Where are you from?

AS: : I grew up in Wichita, KS, which is a nice place to grow up, but it’s fairly conservative and not particularly diverse. I’ve been in Chicago for close to 18. I love the diversity in Chicago. I studied overseas and also lived overseas after college and when I came back to the US, I really wanted to find a community that allowed me to access a lot of different cultures and just be a little more open and a little bit more diverse. I really found that home in Chicago, but with that kind of nod to the Midwestern values. It’s still a city that believes in hard work and a city that is friendly and open. You walk down the street and people smile at you and talk to you, so it has that kind of Midwestern feel, but at the same time you can go a mile in any direction from my home and be in a different cultural community. I just love that access that the city gives you.

AG: Where did you go on your last vacation?

AS: :I kind of just love to travel in general. I am not that picky about the destination. Most recently, my family, a large group of us all together, took a family trip to Rome and Paris, and it was really wonderful. You know, I’ve been there before, but experiencing it through your family’s eyes is always kind of a fun and interesting experience. But I think my favorite place to visit is actually Istanbul. When I was in Istanbul, it felt like this amazing crossroads of the east and the west kind of coming together for centuries.

AG: How were you introduced to The Apostal Group?

AS: I actually knew Niko for a long time before I was his client. We both lived in River North… we just started becoming friends. And just knowing [Niko and his wife], I ended up going to some open houses. And I got the [investing] bug. Niko had an open house for a 2-flat in Noble Square. And it just hit me like a big Mack truck. Wow, you could have a property that you live in and it could also pay you money. And he hooked me. It took about a year, but I sold my condo with them and I ended up buying a 2-flat in Logan Square, and we rent the second floor and we rent the basement and we live there and it pays our mortgage. Happily ever after!

AG: Why would you recommend working with The Apostal Group?

AS: What I would say is yes, you could go and find a house on Redfin and you could figure out how to go to see it and you could pick it, but if you’re going to have a successful close of your sale, you need professionals to guide you through the process. And that’s what The Apostal Group did for me. They helped me from the minute I pinpointed a property that I was interested in, they were fabulous at every level. They had the people eon staff to help process the paperwork. They had the attorney contact, they knew mortgage brokers, they had this complete suite of people both inside and outside the process that helped my sale happen flawlessly. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can make some pretty big mistakes. So I just felt like they shepherded me through the most important decision of my life in a way that really made me end up with a beautiful home and an easy process.