Apostal Group

Cathy Mulligan

Cathy Mulligan and her husband decided to relocate to Chicago from Virginia. Edie helped them find exactly what they were looking for. We asked Kathy for some of her favorites in the city and what it was like to move to Chicago.

AG: Tell us about your home.

CM: The home that we live in now is a condo in Lincoln Park. We love it because it is a condo. We moved from a single-family home, and we’re in the middle of the city now and we’ve always yearned for that.

AG: Where are you from originally?

CM: I grew up in Southern California actually from a military family. My dad was an air force pilot, so we moved a couple of times.

AG: What do you love about Chicago?

CM: I love that it’s a city. We came from northern Virginia, a suburb called Fairfax, and we were very accustomed to suburban living. But we always yearned to live in a city. We’re just enjoying Chicago for everything that it is, with its architecture, its art, its beautiful lakefront. It is a magical place.

AG: How do you like to spend your free time?

CM: I’m a former teacher, and I love learning, so I’m involved with the Osher Institute of Lifelong Learning at Northwestern University. So I’m continuing to take classes and love that. But I also love walking, which you can do everywhere in Chicago. I like my life.

AG: Where is your favorite place to vacation?

CM: Well, we lived for many, many years in the Northeast, so our very favorite vacation is to Saratoga in upstate New York, because my husband remembers fondly days with his grandpa who used to take him to the horse races.

AG: How were you introduced to the Apostal Group?

CM: : We had a realtor that helped us in Virginia sell our townhome and asked her to do some research on an agent that could help us in Chicago, and she gave us Edie Apostal’s name. The story I have to tell you is really one that we hold close to our hearts. We were here in that February blizzard of 2015, I believe. The blizzard had hit on Saturday, and we arrived on Sunday. We were to meet with Edie on Monday. She called us and said, are you really sure you want to come? The office is closed, the secretary is not even coming in, everything in the city is closed. And she said, “I understand that you’re really interested in properties.” And we said, “Well if you’re willing, we’re willing.” Edie invited us to her home, took us into her kitchen, introduced us to Niko and to Bill, and she was wonderful. We finally found a place in September. We really worked with her for several months to find exactly what we wanted, and fell in love with the place after searching and searching. Edie is very special, and so is Niko. The entire group, every single person we’ve worked with was wonderful. I just can’t say enough good things. It’s a wonderful family, a family that gives back, and certainly holds their clients in the very highest respect. It’s truly a special group and we wish them every good thing.