Apostal Group

Kay Webster

Kay Webster and her husband Todd have been clients of The Apostal Group for six years now. In 2016, they were selected to be featured on an episode of the HGTV smash House Hunters: Renovation, and due to their positive relationship with The Apostal Group, they invited Niko to appear with them on the episode. We recently sat down with Kay to learn a little more about them.

AG: Tell us about your home.

KW: We live on the Southport corridor with my husband and my two kids – we have a one-year-old and a four-year-old. We love living on Southport because it’s the best of both the city and, almost like the suburbs because there’s so many families.

AG: Where are you from originally?

KW: : My husband and I both grew up in Troy, MI, which is a suburb of Detroit. But now we’ve been in Chicago for 10 years.

AG: What do you love about Chicago?

KW: : I love that it’s a livable city. I like that we can live in the city and have amazing access to restaurants and all the things the city offers but you can also go to Costco and park in a Costco parking lot.

AG: What are your hobbies outside of work and family?

KW: I really like running on the lake. Running is a big passion of mine. And then just exploring the city and seeing all the new restaurants that Chicago has and all of the great kids’ activities and the parks and all of that. It’s just a great city.

AG: What’s your favorite restaurant in Chicago?

KW: Well, Tuco and Blondie just opened in our backyard, so we’ve been frequenting them there. It’s so convenient to have a restaurant where you can just see if there’s any wait and you can just go straight in.

AG: How were you introduced to Niko and the Apostal Group?

KW: I actually work for Google and we have an alias in the Chicago office that recommends different services. You can either recommend a handyman or a real estate agent or a lawyer or things like that. And Niko was on that list, so I contacted him, and that was in 2011 and we’ve been working with him ever since. With Niko, we have sold, bought, sold bought, so we have done three properties with him and both times that we sold, our place sold within two weeks, so we’ve been really lucky with the experience. And it’s been really easy on the buy side to find the place that we want.

AG:How would you recommend The Apostal Group to other people looking for a realtor?

KW: : Niko is full of energy. I love his positive approach and the way he approaches his business. Back in 2011 when he sold our first place, he decided to use YouTube videos to sell our place, which was kind of unique to real estate at the time. I work for YouTube, so I was excited about that. So I think it’s cool that he tries new things. You can always count on him for quick response times, and like I said, that positive attitude that’s just infectious.