Apostal Group

Michael Skowlund

Michael Skowlund and his wife recently moved into a classic worker’s cottage in Lincoln Park and put their combined architecture training to good use making it the perfect space for their family. We got Michael’s take on life in Lincoln Park and working with The Apostal Group.

AG: Where do you live and what’s great about it?

MS: I live in Lincoln Park. I live in this awesome little coach house that we think was built right after the Chicago fire, in the 1870s. It’s this amazing house in Lincoln Park that you might walk by and not even notice, but the other half of the population walks by and notices it as being the most unique house in the neighborhood. So it’s pretty cool. It looks like a one-story cottage. But the upstairs used to be the attic. It’s a pitched roof and we’ve got our bedrooms up there, so it’s actually two stories. There’s five of us and a dog living in there: a 6-year-old, a 4-year-old, a 1.5-year-old and two adults.

AG: What do you love about Chicago?

MS: I’m a landscape architect and my wife is an architect and we moved to Chicago because of the architecture scene. We met in DC and got married there and decided to move to a city that would be maybe a little more neighborhood-y, a little more family-focused, and we found it. It’s great.

AG: How do you like to spend your free time?

MS: As a landscape architect, I don’t have any other hobbies. I started a company just this summer so I’m working all the time, and I’m teaching too. I just started teaching at the Illinois Institute for Technology for the first time, so it’s basically work and family/kids. It’s the best. I wouldn’t do it any other way.

AG:How were you introduced to The Apostal Group?

MS: The AG goes way back for me. Niko my sister are old friends, from over a decade ago. And so when we moved to Chicago 8 years ago, my wife and I met up with him to buy our first house. And then again to sell that house and buy our second house. Niko was our broker for our first condo. We purchased our first condo eight years ago and sold it a year ago and then upgraded to a bigger house because our family was growing. So Niko helped to buy and sell and buy again for us.

AG:Why do you like working with the AG?

MS: Niko’s a great guy to work with. He’s just really connected, really personable. And he’s been a good friend, a good family friend. So we spend time outside of business stuff together, too. But a lot of too comes from Niko knowing the neighborhood. He grew up here. Not everybody can say that. When you’re looking for a house in a neighborhood, finding a realtor who is from that neighborhood is pretty irreplaceable. It’s just nice to have a guy on your side. Niko’s a real go-getter, he’s an entrepreneur, and I share that interest too in what I do, and I think that when you find somebody who’s that passionate about what they do it’s not really a job, it’s just what they do all the time, day or night, and it’s really a great thing to work with somebody who’s all in.