Apostal Group

Stephanie Munger

In 2004, Stephanie Munger and her husband were looking for more space for themselves and their two boys. Edie helped them find the perfect place. Here Stephanie shares some of her favorite things with us, including her favorite real estate team: The Apostal Group.

AG: Tell us about your neighborhood.

SM: Lincoln Park is just a fantastic neighborhood to live in — everything is at your fingertips. We live across the street from Oz Park, which is one of my favorite places in the whole world. It’s just beautiful, it’s such a community. When you’re at Oz Park in the summer you just know that everyone flocks to it. It’s a beautiful place and it has a great namesake in the Wizard of Oz. I love it.

AG: Where are you from?

SM: : I grew up in River Forest, which is a suburb about nine or ten miles outside of Chicago. I ended up in Chicago when I went to law school at Northwestern [University]. I always knew Chicago prior to that, but it was when I got to live in Chicago right on the lakefront that I really fell in love with the city itself. What’s not to love? The lakefront is spectacular. The neighborhoods are amazing. There’s such a diversity of activities and ethnicities. The restaurants. The people are in general just so welcoming and fun. It would be hard for me, having traveled to many other cities, to really live in and enjoy someplace else as much as I love Chicago.

AG: What are your favorite hobbies?

SM: : I’m a big sports fan. Mostly Chicago sports, so this year was our year for the Cubs to win the whole thing, which could not have been more exciting. I’m [also] a big Blackhawks fan, a big Bears fan. I have two boys, so I love watching them play sports and just in general going to enjoy the city with them.

AG: How did you get introduced to The Apostal Group?

SM: I met Edie Apostal when we were looking to… we needed more space. We were expanding our family. And we lived in Lincoln Park but we wanted to move out of our townhome and move into a single family home. Edie was instrumental in helping us sell our townhome and also in helping us purchase our new home, which we did in 2004. She made everything so much easier, a lot less stress. You know the whole process [of home-selling and home-buying] can be very stressful, but really we couldn’t have been happier at the end. I would definitely recommend The Apostal Group. I think they know the neighborhoods really well. They get to know you very well, which is extremely important so they understand what it is you’re looking for. I also feel like here I am 15 years or, since I bought our house, and here I am still knowing and having a good relationship, a friendship with Edie and her son Niko , so I really think that if you’re looking for a relationship that just goes beyond the work relationship, I would definitely say they’re great for you.