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Frequently Asked Questions: How long will it take my house to sell? Niko Apostal 04/25/16


Time for another installment of our Frequently Asked Questions series! Today we’re tackling a question we know a lot of sellers have for us: How long will it take to sell my house and how do you ensure it will sell quickly?

As we told you last week, it is definitely a seller’s market right now. We’ve had several properties close above asking in less than a week over the past few months. But even when the market is less ripe for sellers, our listings generally don’t last on the market more than a few weeks before selling. Why is this? Partly it’s because of the efficiency of our team approach to real estate, and partly it’s because of our commitment to marketing every listing in the most effective way possible.

Another way we ensure your house will sell quickly is to leverage our Coldwell Banker network — we have the benefit of a vast city-wide network of colleagues and contacts that we put to work as soon as we have a signed listing agreement. The Apostal Group is part of the entire Coldwell Banker City Region Network, and as soon as we secure a listing, we begin marketing within our immediate office of 200+ brokers and a little bit farther afield to the 800+ brokers in the rest of our regional company network through our internal communication system. They are truly some of the best professionals in the industry.  Our office in particular is ranked among the highest-grossing sales in the country year after year and there is a real sense of “Pay It Forward” that helps facilitate smooth and successful transactions within the Coldwell Banker community.

This helps to build great buzz around a listing before the home is even officially listed on the industry-wide MLS search. However, unlike some other real estate brokerage firms, we still prefer to expose all of our listings to the open market before entertaining any showings or offers. We find that this generates the opportunity for multiple bids which can then push the price up to its highest possible value.

The result of all of these techniques is that our listings tend to sell within a few weeks of first hitting the MLS, and sometimes they sell within days or even hours of hitting the MLS.

Do you have questions about the real estate process or our approach to it? We’d love to hear them. Contact us!