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Moving tips: How to save money on your move Niko Apostal 08/25/16


For a lot of people, moving is a stressful and expensive experience. But if you’re smart, there are ways to save costs and still minimize the stress of moving. Here are a few of our favorite moving tips:

  • Rent a moving truck: If you’re doing an inter-city move (between two different cities), you can save money by renting and driving a truck yourself. Companies like Enterprise, Budget and U-Haul all offer moving truck rentals. Hire local movers in each city to pack and unpack the truck for you, and then do the driving yourself. You’ll save a significant amount of money over companies that do the driving themselves.
  • Do your own packing: Alternatively, if you’re moving from one city to another and you don’t want to do the driving, you can save money by hiring a company like U-Pack or PODS, where you do the packing and unpacking, and they handle the transportation.
  • Be flexible about your delivery date: If you’re doing a long-distance move, professional moving companies will sometimes give significant discounts if you’re flexible about your delivery date. After they pick up your belongings, they will store them short-term and consolidate your items with other customers’ belongings to reduce the number of long-distance trips needed.
  • DIY, but get help for the big stuff: If you’re doing an intra-city move (within the same city), you can save money by doing a majority of the moving yourself. But what about the heavy stuff like couches, beds and other large furniture? Check out websites and apps: MovingHelp.com from U-Haul and the Dolly app provide options for DIY moves where a little extra help is needed. (But be sure to ask about insurance if it’s something you’d be sorry to have to replace.)

What are your favorite money-saving moving tips? We’d love to hear them in the comments!

*Photo courtesy of Flickr user Meathead Movers.

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