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Neighborhood spotlight: Ravenswood Niko Apostal 05/12/15


This week marks the opening of the new Ravenswood Metra stop, a much-anticipated overhaul and improvement to the heavily used Metra stop at Ravenswood and Lawrence that has inspired a host of new developments in the area, including a new Mariano’s grocery store. So we thought, what better time to take a look at the delightful neighborhood of Ravenswood with one of our popular guides?


According to the Encyclopedia of Chicago History, Ravenswood began as one of the earliest “suburbs” in 1868, when a group of investors bought several acres of farmland eight miles north of the city and cut a deal with the Chicago & North Western Railroad to add a stop there with the intent of luring wealthy commuters. Because of this intended clientele, Ravenswood lots are larger than many other areas in the city. The “suburb” of Ravenswood was annexed to the city of Chicago in 1889, and today its boundaries are Montrose on the south to Foster on the north, and Clark on the east to the Chicago river on the west. As such, Ravenswood straddles both the Uptown and Lincoln Square community areas.

There is also a relatively new designation for the traditional historic part of Ravenswood. According to YoChicago, “the recently-recognized East Ravenswood Historic District is technically part of both Uptown and Lake View, and includes Lake View’s Graceland West. The District runs roughly from Irving Park Road to Foster Ave, and from Clark St west to Ravenswood Ave. It does not include, as some would argue, the Sheridan Park area between Broadway St and Clark.”

Ravenswood Today

Today, Ravenswood is a much-sought-after residential neighborhood. The median household income is $59.771, well above the average for the city. About 1/3 of households contain families and the median age in Ravenswood is 35. Two-bedroom homes are the most common type of dwelling in Ravenswood, but there is a more even distribution of homes with 3, 4 and 5+ bedroom houses in Ravenswood than you see in other areas of the city, reflecting the residential nature of the neighborhood.

Where to Eat

  • First Slice Pie Cafe — This cafe is part of the Lill Street Art Center, and serves delicious salads, sandwiches and quiches for lunch. And don’t miss the amazing pie!
  • Beans and Bagels — The Ravenswood location of this locally owned coffee shop features sandwiches with names like “Honey on Sunnyside” and “Packer Backer” (a decadent grilled cheese.)
  • Margie’s Candies — The second location of this popular ice cream shop is right off the Montrose brown line stop and will transport you back to your childhood.
  • Glenn’s Diner — A eclectic combination of kitschy diner and upscale seafood restaurant.
  • La Amistad — Delicious Mexican food in a BYO environment.
  • Spacca Napoli — Authentic Italian wood-fired pizza.

Why Ravenswood?

Ravenswood offers the best of residential living in the city — big lots, large yards, historic homes, a vibrant neighborhood center. And it’s easy to get downtown via the Brown Line, the Metra or a quick drive out to Lake Shore Drive.

Average Home Prices

According to data from Trulia, the median sales price of a home in Ravenswood was $334,500 for the first quarter of this year, which is up a whopping 7% from the previous quarter. With prices escalating quickly in this neighborhood, now may be the ideal time to buy — don’t wait too long!

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*Photo courtesy of Flickr user Diane Yee.

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