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Selling advice: Update your home for fall Niko Apostal 10/28/16

Looking for a good fall project to spruce up your house and potentially increase your home’s value? Better Homes and Gardens has some great options for you to tackle now that the weather has gotten a little cooler. We picked out our favorites from their list, and when clients ask us for selling advice, we often tell them to start here:

  • Install more lighting in your kitchen. A dark kitchen can be a deal-breaker for certain buyers. Who wants to chop onions when you can’t see what you’re doing? Upgrading or adding more light fixtures will instantly brighten the space.
  • Update your entry. If you’re in a single family home, consider your front door and entryway for an update. Curb appeal is the first thing people will notice about your single-family home, so you can achieve a lot with a few simple updates like painting the door color, adding some landscaping or changing out the outdoor light fixtures.
  • Upgrade kitchen and bathroom fixtures. A new faucet can make an old sink looks instantly new.
  • Update your kitchen hardware. Similarly, updating the drawer pulls on your kitchen cupboards is an easy way to create a more modern look.
  • Patch holes and paint. If you’ve changed your decor at all, you may have unsightly nail holes in the wall left behind. An easy weekend job is to patch the holes and then add a new coat of paint (or even a whole new color) to your room.
  • Put dimmers on your light switches. For rooms like the dining room and the living room, various levels of light are appropriate for different kinds of entertaining. Installing dimmers is one way to achieve this, but remember: never put a dimmer switch on a light fixture that also contains a ceiling fan.
  • Replace your shower head. Everyone loves the luxury of a rain shower head and installing a new shower head is one of the easier home upgrades you can do.

For more selling advice and ideas on how to update and upgrade your home, check out the rest of Better Homes and Gardens suggestions!

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