Apostal Group


The Apostal Group has been a family business in Chicago since 1974. Founder and principal broker Niko grew up in Chicago watching his parents develop and grow their real estate business. Co-founder and broker Edie has been a real estate broker for four decades. Watching her master her craft over the years helped instill in Niko the virtue of presenting clients with thoughtful real estate solutions, a philosophy our whole team now embraces.

Niko also watched his father focus his efforts on developing and investing in property. Through these experiences, he gained a deep respect for the lifelong investment that real estate could provide for clients. With our team of investment experts, we have become adept at analyzing and anticipating the real estate market in Chicago and we enjoy the challenge of finding the perfect investment opportunity for our clients.

Whether you are investing in real estate as a professional interest or choosing a personal home that will provide equity and opportunity, we want to work with you strategically to set you up for a lifetime of choice and opportunity. That’s how families grow and thrive – just like ours has for 40 years.