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Vote in today’s midterms! Find your Chicago polling place Niko Apostal 11/04/14


It’s another election day in Chicago! This year’s midterms include races for the US Senate as well as Illinois governor, attorney general, comptroller, secretary of state, treasurer, state senator, state representative and several local level officials. In addition, there are several issues up for vote as a referendum.

To check your voter registration or find your Chicago polling place, use this link. (If you live in Cook County but outside the city of Chicago, use this link instead.) If you have further questions or need more help, CBS Chicago says there is a hotline set up for Chicago residents:

In the city of Chicago, voters can call the Chicago Board of Elections’ hotline at 312-269-7870 with any questions, or to report problems or irregularities at their polling place. For the hearing impaired, the TTY line is 312-269-0027.

For a list of the candidates and referenda issues, as well as helpful links to questionnaires filled out by candidates when announcing their intent to run, visit the League of Women Voters website.

Chicago polls are open through 7pm and your employer is required by law to allow you time off from work if necessary in order to exercise your right to vote.

Remember, voting is both a privilege and a right! Take some time today to participate in democracy.

*Photo courtesy of Flickr user Vox Efx

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